From Humble Beginnings
Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. began as a specialty connector and cable assembly provider in 1994. The President and Founder had been an Engineer at Burndy Electronics Corp. prior to starting Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. With a handful of customers, Tri Tec began its tradition of meeting customers' requirements with quality work and on time deliveries, maintaining the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction. As the customer base grew, so did product offerings. By customer request, custom industrial computers became a part of Tri Tec’s product offerings. Since then, Tri Tec Electronics has become a solid provider for custom electrical and electronic connectors, cable & harness assembly, box assembly, kiosk equipment, Industrial and custom computers and servers, and IT support services. Over the years, Tri Tec Electronics has become a reseller for many brands. When VOIP phones were first introduced, we became an Allworx Partner providing office phones and installations. As always, Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. embraces a quality culture in everything we do, as it is the focal point in our business.
The Tri in Tri Tec Electronics
Three things we hold close from the very beginning
Quality is part of our culture at Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. Working toward ISO 9001-2015 certification and ISO 13485 compliancy for Medical Devices, we strive for 0 defects for all our products and services.
Tri Tec Electronics has always had a customer first approach. Using this ideology, our entire business structure is designed around the customer. From sales to delivered products or services, Customer Satisfaction is everything.
Reliable vendors are those vendors you choose to use time and time again because you know they will be there for you. The way to earn reliability is to be very consistent with excellent quality and deliveries with each and every order. To be responsive at a moment’s notice, and to know we will have your back on every project. Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. has built a reputation on precisely these attributes. We know the importance of a reliable vendor, and we work hard to meet that bill every day.
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