Connectors | Cables
Design To Delivery
Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. has the engineering capability to provide custom connectors and cables from design and testing, through fabrication and onto the customer. Designing to standards such as TUV, Telcordia, Din, Futurebus and others is inherent to our designs. Working closely with the customer, we will provide an outstanding product that meets all your requirements. We have designed and fabricated connectors for all types of industries, some of which include Medical, Aerospace, Communications, and Industrial/Commercial.
Quality is Paramount
As we indicate time and time again, Quality is extremely important to Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. it truly is Paramount. Working toward ISO certifications, Quality is not just a word, it is our culture. Quality is built into our products, from design to manufacturing, from vendors to employees, and using tools such as FEMA and Process Capabilities, we deliver great products.
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